The Mission

In the decades spent escaping reality, millions of nerds, geeks, and gamers alike indirectly created one of their own. A reality which translates rather poorly beyond the confines of our fun time. Increasing diversity and record consumer participation means that nerd culture is now clashing with the world around us, resulting in a demand for better media for these things we all love — particularly for marginalized and underserved communities.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on the status quo to enable our experiences in nerd culture. No matter the platform, the result is the same: We’re only as visible as decision-makers allow.

Nonplayable will break that paradigm.

Through videos, streams, podcasts, blogs, and the support of everyone who’s ever groaned in a character creator, the blend of nonstandard perspectives at Nonplayable aim to remind everyone that before nerd culture made people, people made nerd culture. The sticks will meet the streets as we casually address issues of race, politics, sex, current events, and anything else that affects our world to create a unique space for marginalized people past, present, and future who know the time for change in this culture is not now, but yesterday.

Hopefully, you might learn a thing or two.

Less assimilation.
More integration.

We may be Nonplayable, but we do exist.


– The Team