FILTHY CASUALS is Nonplayable’s signature open-lobby fighting game show powered entirely by viewer participation. Held Sundays at 6PM ET / 3PM PT, the show can be seen LIVE at from around the world compete in Street Fighter V and The King of Fighters XIV throughout the month for an opportunity to become champions. Do you have what it takes to take what they’ve got?



Filthy Casuals shows are divided into two 60-minute play sessions of the following games:

  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • The King of Fighters XIV



Filthy Casuals is a two-hour online slugfest featuring the best and brightest players from around the world — AND YOU!

• Both games — Street Fighter V and The King of Fighters XIV — are played on the PC platform.

• To reserve lobby spots, you must be a member of the Nonplayable Steam group, as invitations will only be given to those within the group chat. Otherwise, spots are first-come, first-serve to players across the Internet.

• Each player has 10 seconds to ready up for fights in the lobby. If unprepared, they will be skipped. If twice unprepared, they will be kicked from the lobby.

• If a player wins three consecutive fights, that player must head to the back of the lobby.

• If a match disconnects, in the interest of time there will be no runbacks.

• If the lobby is full and a new player wishes to compete, the next upcoming player with the fewest wins after a Dynavolta match must win their fight or lose their lobby spot for the evening. This rule does not apply to the game champion.

• If a game’s lobby does not exceed two players after 30 minutes, that game’s session ends.



• Players fight for points on Filthy Casuals. Points are based entirely on fight performance and used to determine champions and contenders.

• Match wins add one point to a player’s record, and match losses subtract one point.

• The last Filthy Casuals of the month is an exclusive, Championship fights only show named “Filthy Casuals: Championship Edition” (CE).

• The player with the most points in a game before that month’s CE is determined to be the #1 contender for their respective game and automatically eligible for a Championship fight at CE.

• If there is a points tie for the #1 contendership, the contenders will play a special breaker match to determine the true #1 contender.

• If there is a points tie featuring three or more players, the two players with the least losses on the night will play the breaker match.

• If the Champion is unavailable for their fight at CE, the two players with the most points will do battle for an interim Championship, which can be contested the following week by the original Champion in a unification bout.

• If either the interim Champion or the original Champion is unavailable for the unification bout, the remaining Champion automatically becomes the undisputed Champion.




• Champions are immune to lobby removal for their respective games.

• Once a month, a Champion can choose to defend their title against a handpicked challenger on an episode of Filthy Casuals. If the Champion is successful, the defeated challenger cannot challenge that Champion until the Champion defends against another challenger.

• Street Fighter Championship fights are contested under the first-to-five format.

• King of Fighters Championship fights are contested under the first-to-three format.