The FIGHTLINE series is an innovative, monthly fighting game event for charity powered entirely by viewer participation. Held on the final Saturday of the month (assuming the availability of organizer and streamer, RD), the tournament can be seen LIVE at

Originally conceived as “a fun little thing to do” among friends, the first Fightline event was so well-received it has since developed an entire community of it’s own. Staying true to those roots, as part of Nonplayable Sports, Fightlines now serve as a means to give back — with the most unique, entertaining fighting game events you’ll see on the net!

Your current facilitators are:

  • RD a.k.a. Dynavolta – Organizer, streamer, commentator
  • Matt a.k.a Dragonslayer – Statkeeper, commentator

For archived stats and footage of previous Fightline events, please visit the results page.



As of 2018, Fightline events are home to a series of decisive, marquee matchups influenced by player performances on the weekly Nonplayable Sports show, Filthy Casuals. Fightline events themselves can feature up to a total of seven fights on a one-night card:

  • Three Exhibition fights
  • NP King of Fighters (KOF) Championship match
  • NP Marvel vs Capcom (MVC) Championship match
  • NP Tekken (TK) Championship match
  • NP Street Fighter (SF) Championship match

However, the structure of Fightline cards are always subject to change, allowing for some pretty memorable evenings!



Fightline cards contain three Exhibition fights, normally contested under the first-to-three format. Players and viewers alike can use Exhibition fights to settle feuds, propose dream matches, or even satisfy curiosities. Unpredictable in nature, there are several types of Exhibitions to choose from, all determined by varying factors throughout the month leading to the event. The current Fightline Exhibition options are as follows:

  • [ Exhibition ] – A traditional head-to-head matchup. (SF/TK/MVC/KOF)
  • [ Mirror Match ] – A matchup where players are bound to the same character. (SF/TK/MVC)
  • [ Pure Honest Fight ] – A matchup where players cannot use any meters/rage arts. (SF/TK/KOF 1v1)
  • [ Blood Duel ] – A matchup where the losing player is barred from competing on Filthy Casuals for one week. (SF/TK)
  • [ Viewer’s Choice ] – A matchup entirely decided by a poll.



For nearly twenty tournaments, viewers and players alike tuned in for the answer to one question: Who will be Fightline Champion?

Over the course of 500 plus matches, we’ve had many answers. Now, it’s time to change the question(s).

Now, Nonplayable asks: Who will be an NP Champion? Fightline will be the place to find out, as the best performing players on Filthy Casuals will be eligible to compete monthly for the NP Championships of every game played. If you have the most wins in a game during the month, here’s how:

  • Street Fighter, Tekken, and Marvel vs. Capcom Championship fights are contested under the first-to-four format.
  • King of Fighters Championship fights are contested between two teams consisting of three players each under the first-to-three format.

Bring your best to Filthy Casuals every week, for NP Championship fights at Fightline events will leave zero doubt who truly, is the best of the best.



Fightline has seen some legendary matches over the years. Chunlisa vs. Quack.  Dynavolta vs. Bafael. Psychoblue vs. Misshh Kitteh. It’s only a matter of time before another majestic showdown is etched into the mythos, and we want to be there to commemorate it. The winner of the chat-voted Fight of the Night between our singles championship matches will receive one of the following prizes:

  • PC Players – A $10 Steam Wishlist gift!
  • PS4 Players – A $10 PSN gift code!

Prizes will be distributed to the winners post-event. Don’t be afraid to put on a show!



While the prospect of fighting for the ultimate bragging rights is more than enough for folks to tune in, let’s not forget the main goal: Nonplayable organizes and streams monthly Fightline events primarily for the purpose of viewer charity. Here is our giving process:

 Fundraising recipients are chosen by the Nonplayable staff with the intent of delivering humanitarian aid for the underserved, marginalized, and most vulnerable people in our society. Future suggestions absolutely welcome!

100% of donations made to the NonplayableTV stream during the Fightline broadcast will be donated to the charitable organization chosen for that edition of the event! Refer to post-event for all updates regarding the proceeds.