Filthy Casuals and Fightline Return (For Good)!


After months of planning, Nonplayable is proud to announce the return of both the Filthy Casuals weekly fighting game stream AND the Fightline series for charity!

We know it’s been somewhat frustrating to have them suddenly vanish a few times over the years due to circumstances beyond our control. Trust us, we get it. And with that, we ask you all to trust us once more, as both Filthy and Fightline are *finally* here to stay.

However, with this triumph comes a whole LOT of changes.

For one, Fightline is no longer a tournament.

And then there’s, well, this…

Takers wanted.


…let’s talk about it, shall we?


Everything you knew about both Filthy Casuals and Fightline in years prior is no more. After gathering valued feedback and months of deliberation, the Nonplayable crew has dismantled our previous fighting game community efforts and rebuilt from the ground-up! With renewed perspective and more resources at our disposal, we aim to deliver one of the most jaw-dropping fighting experiences ever devised for player and viewer alike!

First off, we have added MORE GAMES. Joining Street Fighter V, is now Tekken 7, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and The King of Fighters XIV!



If you’re familiar with Filthy Casuals you may be asking, “How will they fit all the action into a two-hour block?”

The simple answer is: We won’t.

That’s because Filthy Casuals will now be running two shows a week, dedicating an hour to each game! On Tuesdays, players will be able to compete in both Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom. On Thursdays, it will be Tekken and King of Fighters on the menu!



Good question, because we have the answer!

JANUARY 16th, 2018 @ 8PM on!

Coinciding with the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, the first Filthy Casuals of 2018 will be airing live that same night! Players, ready up!

The next Fightline will of course, be announced at a later date.



Another good question, because we have completely changed the way players can enter Filthy Casuals and it’s not just worth reading, but required reading!

Read up on the full list of changes to both Filthy Casuals and Fightline events — covering event entry, match rules, formats, and maybe a surprise or two — on their new pages below:

Filthy Casuals


Players, viewers, welcome back! See you on the 16th!


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