Noncast.27 – Missing The Point


You’ve heard the rest, now hear it from the chest! The Nonplayable crew shoots the breeze this¬†week as only multiple people of color can.

This Week

  • Senator Armstrong was the bad guy, remember?
  • Is Metal Gear Revengeance the new “Simpsons did it”?
  • What was the ultimate message of Star Trek?
  • Why did you gravitate toward Star Trek?
  • At this point, who doesn’t know what X-Men is *really* about?
  • If we all had access to the same material, how did anyone miss the point regarding these franchises?
  • Is fantasy the only acceptable way to deliver social commentary in nerd culture?
  • If our peers didn’t see what we saw in these franchises, what did they see?
  • If the culture is for everyone, what’s the problem with everyone having a voice?
  • If nerds and geeks are so smart, why is resistance to cultural education so common?
  • Can you create quality media without connecting to people?
  • Notch: A case study in missing the point.


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Majoring in savage studies, RD created Nonplayable. He was among the several miserable Knicks fans who booed the drafting of Kristaps Porzingis. He has since rescinded said boos.

Follow him on Twitter @Dynavolta — or just click the bird under this. Your life.