Noncast.26 – K.I.R.B.Y.


You’ve heard the rest, now hear it from the chest! The Nonplayable crew shoots the breeze this¬†week as only multiple people of color can.

This Week

  • What happened in Charlottesville last weekend?
  • Why did Charlottesville happen?
  • Who exactly did Charlottesville help?
  • When did Nazis become Saturday morning cartoon villains?
  • Hitler no Fukkatsu?
  • Is Wolfenstein the only one that gets it?
  • Just how wrong was Nick Spencer?
  • Did everyone miss the memo on HYDRA?
  • If Jack Kirby is the GOAT, where do you fall?
  • 26 episodes later, have cosplayers FINALLY found the line?
  • Solutions: How can I stop Nazi ideology from spreading?
  • Have you seen John Torres?


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Majoring in savage studies, RD created Nonplayable. He was among the several miserable Knicks fans who booed the drafting of Kristaps Porzingis. He has since rescinded said boos.

Follow him on Twitter @Dynavolta — or just click the bird under this. Your life.