Noncast.24 – Never Meet Your Heroes


You’ve heard the rest, now hear it from the chest! The Nonplayable crew shoots the breeze this¬†week as only multiple people of color can.

This Week

  • William Shatner is trash: Who is this news to?
  • Are the icons finally becoming way too old?
  • Can we watch stuff we watched growing up without cringing?
  • That dude from Short Circuit got away with a lot, didn’t he?
  • *sigh*…why are your friends terrible?
  • What exactly do we learn from our heroes?
  • Blizzard and the Bolivar: How sheltering is nerd culture?
  • What’s the workforce to young people in 2017?
  • Philosophy: Are people worth what they produce?
  • How about we *don’t* learn everything through baptism by conflagration?


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