Noncast.21 – It’s Still Real to Us


You’ve heard the rest, now hear it from the chest! RD is joined by John Torres and Aaron Rand Freeman to shoot the breeze as only three people of color can.

This Week

  • Why is pro wrestling so popular?
  • How did we get into pro wrestling?
  • Who were our favorite wrestlers growing up?
  • What was the first wrestling game we ever played?
  • How trash was LJN?
  • Retrospect: What was the greatest wrestling game ever made?
  • Will we ever get the wrestling game we deserve today?
  • Why haven’t developers taken advantage of it’s popularity?
  • Can you be a wrestling fan in public today?
  • Why is pro wrestling forever?



Majoring in savage studies, RD created Nonplayable. He was among the several miserable Knicks fans who booed the drafting of Kristaps Porzingis. He has since rescinded said boos.

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