Updates + Changes For Fightline 18: Starstruck


After two tournaments, we’ve learned quite a bit about you all! So, after EXTENSIVE LABORATORY STUDY, we’re glad to announce the following changes to the Fightline Tournament Series just in time for FIGHTLINE 18: STARSTRUCK taking place Saturday, May 27th:

Entry rules have been relaxed!

The ‘one player on your team must compete on Filthy Casuals’ condition for Fightline eligibility is NO MORE. Registration is once again open to all comers!


No partner? No problem!

It’s a sad reality, but some players who wish to compete in Fightline simply can’t because they don’t have friends who play. A sadder reality is that these players don’t know one another, either. However, that changes with our new FREE AGENT system!

Simply let us know on any of our platforms (Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you’re interested in competing in Fightline along with your Steam and/or PS4 tag, and you will be added to the Free Agent section beneath the Challengers section on the main Fightline page. This section will be updated with every entry to serve as the missing link for players who can’t find Fightline partners.

But sometimes, you can still be plain unlucky. So, in the event a Free Agent is unsuccessful in their search, they can simply be paired with another Free Agent come tournament weekend if they choose to remain eligible!


Put some weight on your words! Chat bets are back!

Hope you remembered GP because it remembered you! You wanted for it, you got it. After months of evaluation and planning, YOU CAN ONCE MORE WAGER ON NonplayableTV MATCHES with a newer, better Twitch chat betting system!

But you won’t have to wait until Fightline 18 to see what the fuss is about, for the new betting system will be LIVE¬†THIS THURSDAY @8PM ET ON #FILTHYCASUALS! Get your GP up!


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